Sunday, June 13, 2010

Patting my Pate

Since shaving my head as part of a cancer fundraiser, I have noticed something that I suspect is similar to what pregnant women experience. Instead of rubbing my belly though (which might be somewhat appropriate considering the current state of my belly's bulge-ness), people like to rub my head. Yes indeed, people--even strangers--enjoy patting my pate, caressing my crown and okay, enough with the excessive alliteration. Sorry.
Anyway, I sort of love this. A group of people surrounded me recently and one person rubbed my head forward and said, "kitty," then rubbed it back and remarked "porcupine." Back and forth, back and forth, this went on for a while and I just waited and smiled. This is what pets experience all the time I guess.
And who wouldn't want to be a pet? Adopt me. Feed me. Scratch me. Pet me. Tell others how much you love me. Take excessive photos of me and include me in your updated status. Let me put my head out the window while you drive. Hold news conferences when I am treated poorly. Thrown me a bone every once in a while. Isn't this like every guy's dream?


t i m said...

That’s fantastic that you all shaved your heads for a great cause.

The last time I had a clean shaven head, people used to constantly slap it, that’s Brits for you.

Captain Dumbass said...

I used to get the same thing when I started shaving my head, sadly that was about ten years ago and nobody rubs my head anymore.

My mom is shaving her head for her best friend who's starting chemo next weekend.

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