Thursday, July 25, 2013

Things one should never outgrow:

outsmarting grown-ups.

Neighbourhood kid at my door: We made some boats we did and these boats are cool and our babysitter said it even and we put them in some water and they floaded (well mine floaded) and so do you want to buy our boats because this one is $3 and the other one is $2 and we are selling them so do you want our boats?

Me: (chuckling, Grinchie heart expanding) Heeeeey, those are cool. Let me look more closely at those. Haha wow. (How downright evil would it be to say NO thanks I don't really need some scrap wood and screws and a few sticks even if it "floads" and even if you are basically asking me to endorse your still forming fertile imagination as it builds critical neural pathways uh oh what if this is a crucial moment in the development of your psyche and I become forever known as the creep next door who ruined your dream to become a shipwright or an engineer or what if you could have grown up to become the next Steve Jobs and why do I think so much and let's get back to the point shall we--could I really shut the door on these adorable little boys in their ball caps with their dreams in their hands and wow these kids have really big eyes awwwwww man how the hell am I going to hang these boats on my fridge? Thinkthink.) Could I take a picture of your boats? (Wait a minute, I have an idea...) Well boys, I don't need any boats right now but could I make a donation so you can make even more boats?

Neighbourhood kid: (nods enthusiastically as I hand him a twoonie and a loonie) Thanks bye!

Me: (chuckling, shaking my head at their sheer adorableness, shuts the door) Those cute little entrepreneurs. (Chuckling, scratches chin, Hey? Did those kids just sucker me out of three bucks? And umm...will they return tomorrow with even more charm and request that I a. buy a new boat or b. invest in their business venture again? Did those kids just bamboozle me? Naw. Not possible. Right?)

Epilogue: (20 minutes later....)
Same neighbourhood kid at my door: (holding up a stick wrapped with red duct tape) Hi do you want to buy this we made it and it's a spear!


Vinny C said...

You may have dodged the "creep next door" label, but they may have decided that the "sucker down the street" position has just been filled. But it's for the kids' hopes & dreams. Totally worth it.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Don't apply to be a dragon on Dragon's Den.

Michael Burrows said...

this makes me sad. money is the ultimate validation of success. can't we be happy our boats just float?

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