Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dear Winter,

Enough already?

How are you? Wait. Let ME answer that. You’re enjoying yourself, aren’t you? This is all very entertaining for you, isn’t it?

Remember last year my old friend? Last year your heart just wasn’t in it, was it? Last year you phoned it in, didn’t you? Don’t try to deny it. Essentially you called in sick. Repeatedly. In fact, you took a vacation. And you deserved one. After years of slapping us here and there with snow and ice and sleet and freezing rain and so on, you really did. But this year, you seem a lot different. Oh sure, some days you’re still sweet yet I think it’s important to let you know that, overall, you’ve changed. You really have.

I’d say you got your mojo back. Yup, you sure did. The word “hammer” comes to mind. I don’t really want to point any fingers but what did Edmonton ever do to you? You might want to talk to someone about that. Here in Northern Alberta, it’s like you’re toying with us. Bone snapping wind chill one day, stick-your-tongue-out fluffy flakes the next, followed by a week without the sun. One day it’s 1-2 centimeters, the next it’s 5-10. One day it’s dry bare roads, the next it’s like four-by-fouring down the highway. I found it especially entertaining driving home the other night on snow-packed icy roads through a blizzard and then guess what? The snow stopped long enough for me to spot a grader. In. The. Ditch. It’s a special, special day when graders hit the ditch. I’d like to say I remained confident for the rest of that drive but the truth is my knees became grape jelly. But Winter, despite that nuttiness, I did indeed make it home again. What do I have to complain about right? (Actually shoveling. Every day. That I can complain about too. Just sayin.)

Oh Winter. I love you. I love skidooing and sledding and this barely veiled sarcasm but sometimes Winter, sometimes, I want to karate chop you in the neck.



Rubye Jack said...

Glad you made it home okay. That kind of weather is scary. Here in Oklahoma nature still thinks it's spring time. Fine with me.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yeah, I want in on that action too. Thanks, Winter. Thanks alot, ya bastard.

wendy said...

ha ha..NO KIDDING. I think you guys have had it worse then us though.
I do hate those grey, foggy days that we get around here.
AND YUP...bone chilling temps for sure.
It was hard to come back for Utah at Thanksgiving where it was 55-60 degrees !!!! (but, actually that is not the norm for even there)
Got off the plane....and WTF (or crap)
I absolutely can. not. drive on winter roads and through blizzards.
Hmmmm...according to my kids, I can't drive on dry roads and great weather either. (smart alicks)

Antares Cryptos said...

I'm looking forward to spring. Every year. That's not very helpful.

BTW, I still have hopes for 2013 though.

Patience_Crabstick said...

I long for a proper winter. Virginia, where I live now, has such wimpy winters it's embarrassing.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Sending you some warm Chicago wind. (We are having the warmest winter in City History so far)

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