Saturday, March 26, 2011

This is where I was yesterday.

This is where I will be today. Again.
*imagines you having a green-eyed monster moment
of jealous rage until I reveal that this happened yesterday as well.


Tim Riley said...

Stunning-enjoy it!

Underground Dude said...

I hate you...o.k. not really, but definite feelings of jealousy.


Cheeseboy said...


Mich said...

OMG! That's amazing! Where is this? And why do my pictures never turn out that well?! ;)


Alittlesprite said...

Very pretty and snowy :)

Antares Cryptos said...

I can smell the ski wax...:)Great day on the slopes. Enjoy!

Windsmoke. said...

Fantastic snowcapped mountains floating on clouds :-).

Debra She Who Seeks said...


Nicole said...

Can't see the pic, my eyes are clouded with green.

It's gorgeous.

Homemaker Man said...

Whatever. I mean, It's great if you like beautiful breathtaking vistas that make you question your own atheism. But otherwise, meh.

Shana said...


wendy said...

Well, I had to go visit "this" and "this" so I'd know Where and What.
I have not yet ever been to Jasper. On my list.
and ouch, sorry about the kid who hurt him/herself snowboarding. One of your kids??
Ouch, again.

Alistair said...

Yeah I remember skiing. That's what the instuctor called it anyway. I called it 'being beaten up by a mountain as it throws you downwards at a scary rate of knots and puts obstacles in your way'......

I never really learned to ski properly as a result. {I'm great at bouncing though. If bouncing ever becomes a Winter Olympic sport, I'm your man!}

It was a long time ago though.

G said...

wow stunning!

dbs said...

@Tim Thanks. I did. (Minus the emergency visits.)
@UD I appreciate your honesty.
@Cheeseboy 'Twas.
@Mich Jasper, Alberta, Canada. Unless you are my Mom I'm sure your photos are fine.
@alittlesprite Yup.
@AC And the poutine at the chalet. Thanks.
@Windsmoke 'Twas quite a sight. I should have zoomed though.
@DSWS Reply: "Dude."
@Nicole A real Canadian treat.

dbs said...

@Homemaker Man Ha! Are you "losing your religion?"
@Shana Yup.
@wendy You and your hub would LOVE Jasper. You must go. Banff is beautiful too but there's something very gentle about Jasper. And no, not my boy but one of his classmates. He's doing well and is very proud of his "war wound" now.
@Alistair If we only live a little closer to each other...I would take you skiing and you would love it (and if not, I'm sure you'd love to eat Cinnamon buns and poutine instead.)
@G Yup.

Al Penwasser said...

I agree with everyone who said it's beautiful. But, it IS March 29th and it IS snow. 'nuff said.
It IS beautiful, though. And I will definitely think so in August after what will probably be a three week heat wave.

dbs said...

I don't blame you at Al.

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