Thursday, September 23, 2010

20 Questions

I’m a curious guy and I need answers. These are my latest questions.

1.      Is there anyone else out there without a cell phone? If so, call me.
2.      Where can I get high speed metabolism?
3.      Where’s Waldo’s girlfriend Wilma?
4.      Will the world ever get out of debt?
5.      Why do we need rich bank executives?
6.      Why are there so many knuckleheads in charge?
7.      Why does so much last for so little anymore? For example, why is my laptop “obsolete” two weeks after I bought it?
8.      If it says on my box of compact fluorescent light bulbs that they last for nine years, how am I supposed to keep a record of how long I’ve had all my light bulbs and who would actually do that?
9.      When will girls get sick of vampires and start liking sporty guys again or better yet: humorous couch potato guys?
10.  If the can opener was invented after the can, what will inventors think of next?
11.  What will our children tell their grandchildren about growing up now?
12.  Why aren’t all drug dealers in jail?
13.  Why don’t investors invest in people?
14.  When will we run out of clean water?
15.  What comes after Facebook?
16.  If social networking is so great, why are so many people so lonely?
17.  Why don’t more people have segways?
18.  When exactly did I go from heartthrob to mall cop?
19.  Do some people actually feel it in their bones?
20.  Where did the swine flu go?


Laoch of Chicago said...

I can't help with most of these salient items, but I do feel like # 8 will take care of itself. One just waits for the bulb to no longer light and then buys a new one.

Just SO said...

Good questions. I'd like to know the answer to number 12 as well. And I hate the fact that stuff that you buy is outdated two weeks later.

Missy said...

These are awesome questions. I am afraid to ponder what will come after facebook.

dbs said...

@LOC Re: #8. I didn't communicate it very well but I am irritated by CFB's claim to last for almost a decade yet I changed one of these just a few days ago and I'm sure a "mere" three years had passed but I have no way to prove it and being cheap, it irked me to buy a new bulb. I know. It's just a light bulb. I'm pathetic. But anyway....
@Just SO Re: #12. I could go insane thinking about drug dealers and their undeserved freedom.
@Missy Thank you Missy. I'm afraid too.

Always Home and Uncool said...

I wonder about #9 constantly. Much to my wife chagrin.

Josh said...

I don't understand how people feel it in their bones. I tend to feel it in the bone marrow.

dbs said...

@Always Home & Uncool Vampires suck, eh?

@Josh But does pain actually exist? See my post under the label "pain."

Keet said...

Swine flu will be back this year. Don't you worry. :P

dbs said...

@Keet Really? Your expertise in this field means I better quit making jokes! Hope you're doing well.

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