Monday, April 5, 2010

Random Impressions of California (the Good and the Ugly)

1. When Maggie sucked on us in the Simpsons Ride!!!!
2. The Norman Bates actor on the Universal studios lot creeped me out.
3. Both us and the Pasichnuks seriously considered making our kids go through every all-you-can-eat restaurant (beverages not included! WTH?) at Universal Studios as many times as possible! And VIP passes are fantastic!
4. The pine tree crosses.
5. The hilariously bad Pirate Show at Knott's Berry Farm was like the old 80s Gladiator series minus decorum.
6. Bill the tour-bus guide really enjoyed asking questions and then did not listen to the answers.
7. The fact that I didn't realize my camera was taking pictures as it hung from my hand.
8. "We're just going to add our gratuity to your bill and then add taxes on top of it." Shame shame America.
9. "I'm so happy to be sitting down I think I have an _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _."
10. As my wife laughs hysterically, "I DON'T LIKE THIS ONE! I DON'T LIKE THIS ONE!"


Chelle said...

Post the accidental photos. Bad vacation photos are a way of life.

Treena said...

11. Stew is an excellent voice over talent! "We have to get out of here" " I can FLY!!"
12. Photo booths DO NOT fit 4 adults very well
13. Waiting in line for 45 minutes for a hand dipped corn dog is worth it.
14. Bill the Tour guide Maybe shouldn't swear at other drivers and really shouldn't sing while he drives along the freeway...with his microphone on the whole time.
15. A great vacation with great friends is worth getting ripped off by Mickey and his friends. Thanks Stew Family!

dbs said...

Treena--No. Thank you. Let's do another one sometime before we really can't fit in a photo booth anymore. :)

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